HollyRose's Beginnings

Once upon a time there was a little girl who dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. She grew up over the years and ended up a renowned wedding cake designer, though her love for fashion never died.

One day she met the most amazing prince and they fell in love, he asked her to marry him and she said YES!!

She started planning her dream wedding, it was going to be perfect. Then came the day she got to go dress shopping. She shopped and she shopped, and then she shopped some more. Her friends grew tired and went home and still she shopped until, alas she too had to go home. No dress was to be found. No amazing dress that made her heart skip a beat and a tear some to the eye, no moment of knowing, not even a moment of maybe.... they were all 'just white dresses'..........


This is the moment HollyRose was born. After visiting every bridal shop in the Gold Coast region I was absolutely amazed at the sheer lack of any variety! Anything unusual or fashion forward, anything that was breathtaking!! I was simply told couture is what you want, BUT couture is NOT what you will get in your budget.... and I most assuredly had a pretty healthy dress budget too!!

Convinced it was completely possible, even if I had to do it myself, I began compiling a series of designs I loved, unable to narrow it down to one... THE ONE... I decided I had to make them all

So I made the insane decision to use my entire wedding dress budget on different fabrics and create them all figuring this way I would get the dress of my dreams and spend the money I was going to on a boring dress anyway....... Months and months.... and months later (and well and truly more than the original budget 😝) and well and truly many more gowns than originally planned...

HollyRose Couture's launch collection was complete...

And the rest, as they say, is history...

A Little About HollyRose's Head Designer, Taya Jones

Able to sew from the age of 4, Taya was taught by her mother who used to make most of her clothes growing up. Taya would then take the scraps and create matching dolls clothes on an antique, pedal driven, sewing machine. Fast forward 15 years and she was working in the prestigious Melbourne suburb of Toorak surrounded every day with high fashion and fabulous labels, but unable to afford them on an apprentice wage, she would catch the train home on a Saturday afternoon after work and head straight to the local fabric store. Spending each Saturday afternoon creating a new fabulous outfit to wear out that evening. Taya eventually became a well-known wedding cake designer creating amazing edible works of art. She has worked in the wedding industry for 12 years and also owns the amazing and well renowned Deliciously Decadent Cake Design. Her passion to create covers many avenues not just clothing design and cakes, she has renovated houses, dabbles in photography and painting as well as graphic design. With HollyRose Couture you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with years in the industry Taya is well known and has an impeccable reputation for nothing but perfection in anything she is involved with, her artistic flair and out of the box thinking means that anything she is a part of always has its own voice, its own flair. Most might shy away from the high standards Taya holds herself to, but when you are working in the wedding industry and every day your job is to contribute to 'the most special day of one's life' perfectionism is exactly what is needed.

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